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Invisalign Retainer: What You Need To Know

If you’re taking into consideration obtaining Invisalign dental braces, you may be questioning the Invisalign retainer. Like typical braces, Invisalign treatment also calls for a retainer to maintain your newly corrected the alignment of teeth in place. In this post, we’ll dive into whatever you need to find out about Invisalign retainers.

The primary function of an Invisalign retainer is to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original placement. After you complete your Invisalign therapy, your teeth could really feel safe and secure in their brand-new setting, however they still need time to resolve in. Putting on an Invisalign retainer helps prevent any type of possible changing that could happen during this moment.

There are a few different sorts of Invisalign retainers, but among the most common is the Vivera retainer. Made by the same firm as Invisalign, the Vivera retainer is similar in look as well as function to the aligners themselves. The primary distinction is that while Invisalign aligners are suggested to move your teeth, the Vivera retainer is designed to hold them still.

Generally, you’ll need to use your Invisalign retainer for a minimum of 22 hrs a day, removing it just for meals and cleaning your teeth. You may require to use it for up to a year or even more, however that will rely on your specific treatment strategy. It is very important to follow your orthodontist’s guidelines for wearing your retainer to guarantee the very best possible results.

While Invisalign retainers are usually a lot more comfy than standard wire retainers, you may still experience some pain for the initial few weeks of wear. This is regular as your mouth gets used to the brand-new device. Gradually, you’ll obtain used to the retainer, and it will end up being like an acquired behavior.

On the whole, Invisalign retainers are a crucial part of the Invisalign treatment process. They ensure your teeth stay in the appropriate position and also assist your recently straightened smile last a life time. If you have any questions concerning Invisalign or Invisalign retainers, be sure to ask your orthodontist.

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